The 35th Eastern Regional Conference: extension of submission deadline for presentations and key note speakers

The 35th Eastern Regional Conference

Date: February 6, April 3, and June 5, 2021
Venue: Online
President: Masamine Jimba (The University of Tokyo)
Theme: New perspective of global health: Education, human resources for health, research, and international cooperation East Regional Conference will go online this year. The three days of the conference have different themes for oral sessions.

February 6, 2021: Education and Human Resources for Health
(Submission deadline for presentations: January 29, 2021 [extended])
April 3, 2021: Research
(Submission deadline for presentations: February 26, 2021 [extended])
June 5, 2021: International Cooperation
(Submission deadline for presentations: March 31, 2021)

Keynote speakers are as follows:
February 6, 2021: Dr. Noriko Fujita (National Center for Global Health and Medicine)
April 3, 2021: Professor Taro Yamamoto (Nagasaki University)
June 5, 2021: Professor Tomohiko Sugishita (Tokyo Women’s Medical University)

As a morning event, the academic writing seminar will be held for Japanese researchers who write papers in English.
Anyone is welcomed to join the conference, even from outside of East Japan regions. For more information, visit the following registration site: